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Grassland Stewardship Opportunity

Professional or aspiring conservationists between the ages of 18‐30 who live and/or work in Manitoba, Alberta, or Saskatchewan are invited to apply – by Jan. 19 – for the Young Professional Stewardship Grant to be awarded at the Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference. They are looking for innovative proposals which advance the “engagement” of people in conservation in Grassland and Parkland Natural Regions of the Prairie Provinces. [PCESC]

Across the West

The Alberta Wilderness Association says that an expert advisory panel report on the development of a people movement plan for Banff National Park fails to mention maintaining ecological integrity and the panel didn’t include an ecologist. You can comment on the report between now and February 5.

A mobile ski library will be showing up at various locations throughout Winnipeg offering skis, ski boots, snowshoes, sleds, and lessons to anyone wanting to enjoy the winter weather. [CTV News]

Around the World

As demand for EVs ramps up, environmental stumbling blocks have emerged. Improved technology and recycling capacity as well as disincentivizing driving will help. [The Revelator]

Climate activists are expanding their legal challenges to address plastic producers, the food industry, banks and investment firms. [EuroNews Green]

A new solar-powered technology has the potential to transform plastics and greenhouse gases into useful products, a step towards a more sustainable, circular economy. [EuroNews Green]

On the Bookshelf

You can own a laptop, an oven, or a washing machine, but don’t try to repair it. In The Right to Repair: Reclaiming the Things We Own, Aaron Perzanowski outlines the many ways in which companies have stopped us from fixing the things we own, such as laws, hardware design, marketing, and pricing strategies. The landscape is changing and Perzanowski identifies what can be done to fight back.

Nature’s Wonders

Ants perform so many important functions. They provide food for vertebrates, eat predators, add nutrients to the soil, protect other invertebrates, and create habitat for smaller organisms. [Nature Alberta]

“In the water they’re nearly invincible.” Beavers build dams for safety and to access and transport food. [Live Science]

Mycorrhizal relationships demonstrate that many species prosper with more connection and collaboration and that our world is mostly NOT a battle between opposing forces. Partnering with fungi and soil has multiple benefits for our shared future. [The Nature of Cities]

What handsome creatures! Close-up photographs of insects, spiders, and a few snakes. [Nicky Bay’s Macro Photography]

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/apmckinlay/49904492293

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