Games, Cartoons, Photography, Art & a Movie

We’re not quite ready to say farewell to the holidays. Here are some games, a movie, cartoons, photography, and art for a light-hearted approach to some serious topics.

Test your skills in fighting climate change by enacting policies, protecting ecosystems, or researching cutting-edge technologies in Beecarbonize, a card climate strategy game. [Beecarbonize]

Create a sustainable woodland by placing animals beside the environment in which they’ll thrive in Forest Shuffle, a board game for 2-5 players. [Forest Shuffle]

Check out Betje’s climate cartoons. Some of them were on display at COP28. [Substack]

The winning images from an underwater photography competition: crab-eating macaques, coconut octopus, electric frogfish, and a seahorse giving birth. [Digital Photography Review]

Jill Pelto is an artist and science communicator. She incorporates scientific data directly into her paintings to engage broad audiences with climate change graphs. [Jill Pelto]

The film Blueback (available on iTunes and Amazon Prime) is about “a young girl who befriends a wild blue groper while diving and becomes a passionate activist for protecting the ecosystem of Australia's coral reefs from destruction.” [Wikipedia]


We’re starting the year off right with some positive news stories that show what can be achieved if we put our minds to it.

Architects have started designing buildings that work for birds as well as people. Some even have nesting boxes, hides for birders, and upper-level walkways, not to mention fretted glass and other design features that eliminate bird collisions. [The Guardian]

Forty Canadian farms are striving towards a more sustainable food system now and in the future. [NFU]

2400 retired women (the youngest is 64) are taking Switzerland to court over climate inaction. Older women are particularly vulnerable to rising temperatures, but that’s not why they’re taking action: “Our generation has done so much to destroy the climate. We have a responsibility.” [Mother Jones]

The Green Salon Collective offers hair salons across the UK and Ireland with zero-to-landfill recycling solutions, including over 10 ways to recycle salon hair waste. [Green Salon Collective]

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