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Across the West

The Tsleil-Waututh Nation is intent on cleaning up the heavily contaminated water of Burrard Inlet. But it requires more rigorous enforcement of the 21 facilities that have permission to release wastewater into the inlet. [The Narwhal]

Parks Canada staff say a temporary ban on boating at Clear Lake, MB, is necessary: “If zebra mussels become established in this lake there are permanent economic and ecological impacts that will have to be borne every single year.” [The Narwhal]

Calgary’s population has expanded by 50% in the last 20 years. It’s no surprise there is wildlife in the city because the city has moved into the animals’ habitat. [The Narwhal]

Nature Regina and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Native Plant Garden on June 15. There will be garden tours, talks on prairie gardening and native bees, and children’s craft activities. [Nature Regina]

Around the World

Manufacturers are experimenting with ways of making cars more sustainable – from using less materials to making it easier to recycle and reuse parts. [Earthbound Report]

Cities can cut transportation emissions by using zoning bylaws to reduce the length of commutes, assisting low-income residents with the cost of bus passes or bike-shares, and efficient freight systems. [Governing]

Making a Difference

Floats powered by cargo bikes and supermarket trolleys instead of trucks, reused/recycled costumes, and textile transformation workshops were some of the highlights of a Greener Carnival in Luton, UK. [Luton International Carnival Press Room]

A hot, dry county in southwest Utah is paying residents to replace their lawn with less water-dependent native plants. [reasons to be cheerful]


Around 6.5 million tons of [mostly] plastic-wrapped dog poop winds up in landfills in the United States every year. Some cities compost it. Or you can compost it yourself. [Modern Farmer]

On the Bookshelf

Wildlife, Landscapes, and Geology: An Alberta and Saskatchewan Touring Guide by Dale Leckie explores connections between geology and wildlife habitat, from greater short-horned lizards in semi-arid badlands to American pikas and eroding mountains. [Broken Poplars]

Nature’s Wonders

From calico cats to striped fish and the intricately patterned tail of a peacock – some patterns are random while others involve complex design overlays or cellular appendages. [Knowable Magazine]

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/apmckinlay/49125745321

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