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Across the West

Citizen scientists are invited to search satellite imagery for beaver dams and lodges in southern Alberta to determine the role beavers are playing in ensuring a resilient watershed. [Zooniverse]

Enabling Community Renewable Energy Development Through Aggregation outlines the ways Alberta communities could benefit as renewable energy consumers and producers by joining together with other communities to gain benefits of scale and overcome barriers faced in isolation. [Pembina Institute]

A paper from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy reviews the nuclear electricity options currently under consideration in Saskatchewan; related safety, water and storage issues; and the level of public support for SMRs (small modular reactors). [JSGSPP]

The University of Manitoba has adopted a responsible investment policy designed to actively advance positive social and environmental change. [UManitoba]

Changing Course: A River’s Journey of Reconnection will preview on April 22. The film captures the importance of water, salmon, and culture as it relates to British Columbia’s largest transboundary freshwater source, the Columbia River. [Creatively United Community]

Crossing roads safely can be challenging whether you’re large or small. Friends of Cortes Island, BC, have posted signs and are reminding residents to watch out for rough-skinned newts that often have to cross the road during spring/early summer to reach a wetland breeding area. [Friends of Cortes Island Society]

The Community Trees Matter Network’s website offers a variety of resources from graphics to videos to help community groups protect urban forests. Do take a look at the Trees are Vital for our Survival graphic. [Creatively United Community]

Across Canada

As the Canadian government prepares for consultations on implementing the right to repair, it’s important to learn from other countries’ experiences, counter industry opposition, and ensure broad engagement with people who repair or who sell refurbished goods. [The Conversation]

Legal Primer – Natural Asset Management by Local Governments in Canada highlights potential legal issues and liability for local governments, as well as legal tools to help ensure nature and the services it provides are protected. [Municipal Natural Assets Initiative]

Women in Canada’s environment and clean energy sector earn nearly 20 per cent less than men, and that gap is worse for Indigenous people, especially women. [440 Megatonnes]

Around the World

Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands is reducing noise pollution by banning planes from landing or taking off between midnight and 5 am. They also want to ban private jets and small business aviation, which cause a disproportionate amount of noise pollution and CO2 emissions per passenger compared to commercial flights. [Schiphol]

Renewable energy skeptics point out that the “pathway to a low carbon economy requires a toxic and unsustainable mining boom.” Instead of replacing an “unsustainable fossil fuel system with another intensive mining system powered by even more extreme energies,” society needs to simplify, scale back its needs, and build simple products that last and can be easily recycled. [The Tyee]

Nature’s Wonders

Anna’s hummingbirds are now permanent residents in British Columbia. A 5-minute video showcases them defending their territory, nest-building, and feeding the babies. [CBC]

Corridors along rivers and creeks with abundant mature trees and deadwood help pileated woodpeckers adapt to their increasingly fragmented urban environment. Woodpeckers maintain tree health by keeping insect populations in check and provide nest cavities for other birds. [Earth]

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/apmckinlay/27444446096

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