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EcoWest News, September 27, 2022

This week's top stories in EcoWest News: 1. Water issues in Saskatchewan 2. A Marine Protected Area network in BC 3. A call to action to address light pollution

EcoWest News, September 20, 2022

From holiday pet photos and online games to water allocation, transportation, and municipal initiatives - find out what’s happening across the west in terms of nature and the environment.

Carnivores and Communities in Southern Alberta

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve's Carnivores and Communities Program in southern Alberta is designed to help landowners decrease conflict with bears, wolves, and cougars.

EcoWest News, September 13, 2022

We have so many opportunities - to protect wetlands, build green, go solar, and clean up the shipping industry. We can even breed frogs in our backyard! EcoWest News, September 13, 2022

EcoWest News, September 6, 2022

From repairing farm equipment and riding e-bikes in national parks to oceans, plains, and mountains - EcoWest News, September 6, 2022

Looking for the Stars in Western Canada

It can be hard to spot the stars when you live in a big city surrounded by a bubble of light. Fortunately, there are a number of places where a real effort is being made to protect the dark. Here’s where they are located in Western Canada.